Show duration (time) but let grid still be based on bar/beat

I’m back on Cubase 11 pro :slight_smile:

I wonder… I like to see the duration (time) of my songs instead of bar count.
But I still want the grid type to be based on bar/beat/quantize for example.
But when I switch to “seconds” for that display, the grid type changes to options like “1000ms” etc.
Is it not possible to have both?

Hey @MortenT! You can’t have both in the main “ruler”, but you can create a ruler track (or two) and change those to show either bars, or seconds.

Hi @ggmanestraki
Thanks for answering.
I don’t mean the ruler but the grid type (division) menu at top and time window displayed at bottom.
I like when the bottom is like this:
But I wish to keep the top being like this:

Maybe I just need to live with not having time displayed. It’s not the end of the world :wink:
But maybe there was some easy solution in custom/settings

In a perfect world: Which time I choose to display shouldn’t affect the grid type

I see! I wish I were wrong, but I think those two go together. You can’t have the main display in Seconds and the grid in Bars & Beats or vice versa.

I always work with Bars & Beats when writing music. If I need to know the time elapsed, I interject some ruler tracks between the instruments. It works well (except sometimes I wish I could make the rulers a bit wider).

Sure. I also wouldn’t be against an optional (time) readout next to the bars and beats. A combined time display of sorts.

You can expand the time display by dragging to the right (on the three dots) so it shows both primary and secondary time displays. Does take up more toolbar space, though. Alternatively I think . (period) by default switches the display between primary and secondary time formats.


Hi @paka
That works. Thank you

What do you mean by “I think . (period) by default switches the display between primary and secondary time formats”?

The period key, next to the comma, next to M. It’s the default key command to switch between primary and secondary time displays. (Bars & Beats <-> Seconds)

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Btw, the Secondary Time Format could be even hidden on the Transport Panel and you can use the switch.

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