Show Event Names, Enlarge Selected Track improvements

  • Show Event Names

Many times, I need to toggle this on/off (especially with audio tracks) so that I can better see what I’m trying to position something against. I have a key command assigned, but the problem is that each time I am bombarded with a notification in the middle of the screen “Activated: Show Event Names” “Deactivated: Show Event Names”.

In other circumstances, I wouldn’t be against being informed of a change (like with Preference: Show Notification when Switching Tool Mode with Key Command), but in the Event Names’ case, the change is so very obvious that a notification is not needed.

So, either:

  1. Disable the warning. OR
  2. Have shy and dynamic event labels. (Shy as in when the mouse reaches an x position already occupied by the label, the label flees to the right. Dynamic as in they must have the ability to move, and place themselves to the left edge of a (continuously) scrolling project window, as when Auto Scroll or Stationary Cursor is enabled.)

Shy Labels Example

  • Enlarge Selected Tracks

In a similar situation, enlarge selected tracks works better (in my opinion) than Zoom Exclusive for enlarging a selection. So, either:

  1. Disable the warning for Enlarge Selected Tracks. OR
  2. Make Zoom Exclusive work like Enlarge Selected Tracks. For clarity:

Zoom Exclusive maximizes the track width of the selected track(s), and minimizes the track width of all other tracks. Nothing objectionable so far. Then, if we resize the width of the maximized track, and give the command again, the track is brought back to the maximum size it previously was, and upon a third time giving the command, all tracks widths are minimized. That’s awful.

On the contrary, Enlarge Selected Track allows for resizing the width (how much enlargement), and upon a second time giving the command will leave tracks as they were before the command was used. Plus, it remembers the adjusted size for later uses! That’s lovely!

Edit: Edit bumped the topic, sorry.

Good ideas here imo, @ggmanestraki. These functions could definitively be revised.

(by the way, since width actually refers to track height I wish we could always use that term- dunno, maybe even the manual uses width to mean height.)