Show Event Names on Event Blocks

Hey there, does anyone know how to show the event names on the event blocks in Nuendo at the smallest track height? I know that there was an option in Cubase to check a box to show them, but I don’t find this box in the menu in Nuendo.

I attached a screenshot of my Nuendo Screen and a Cubase Screen on which they are shown.

It would be great if someone could help me out with this.

Sorry, not on Nuendo - but here in Cubase its in Preferences -> Event Display -> minimum height to show names

Hope that helps :wink:

Setting is in Preferences
Event Display
The Event Display section contains several settings for customizing the display in the Project window.
Show Event Names
Determines whether the names of parts and events are shown.
Show Event Data on Small Track Heights
If this is activated, the contents of events and parts are shown, even if the height of a track is very small.
Transparent Events
When this is activated, events and parts are transparent, and shows only the waveforms and MIDI events.
Outline Event Data
Allows you to select whether you want event data to be displayed as solid images or with an outline.
Colorize Event Background
When you select a color for a track or for individual events or parts, this setting determines how the color is applied:
• If deactivated, the contents of the events and parts are colorized. In the case of audio events, the waveform images are colorized. For MIDI parts, the MIDI events are colorized.
• If activated, the background of the events/parts are colorized, and the contents (waveforms/MIDI events) are displayed in black.

Thanks for the tips. Unfortunately it still doesn’t work like it does in Cubase, which is a bummer since I find Nuendo 8 to be much more stable in a large orchestral template setting compared to Cubase 9. I guess I’ll have to live without the event names, since I did not find any checkbox to allow event names on smallest track height like in Cubase.