Show extra staves results in redundant cautionary clef, instrument names, and KS?

Hi everyone, long time user, first time poster, because I’m finally doing production work in Dorico!
Loving Dorico 4 but having one little problem in parts when I use the setting Show extra staves across full system when starting or stopping.

I started off with this (single player who is playing Synth, singing, triggering loops on a Push and one-shots on a Launchpad, so it’s dense) which I thought was confusing swapping between the synth and the Launchpad staff:

So I changed the Show extra staves option, which did as I hoped make it much easier to read:

However, as you can see (I’ve selected them so they’re orange), the cautionary clef, key signature, and instrument names are still showing as if the instruments were all on one staff, swapping over. In fact, they are now redundant. I can’t work out how to delete/hide them, though.
Sorry if this is ridiculous user error!

Hmmm, I’ve also just noticed that it has caused some flow names (titles) to repeat in parts, too, several pages on from the start of a flow. I can delete them so this isn’t a biggie, but it may be connected (to the same user error?!?)…

Good to see you here (finally) James! Could you send me the project itself, so I can take a look at it? If you don’t want to post the project itself publicly, please send it to me in a private message.

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James, I had the same strange Flow Title duplicates today.
It was easy to repair - I just had to remove my Page Overrides in Engrave Mode.

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Thanks both!

I’ve PM’ed Daniel, and @k_b I removed the Page Overrides and you’re right, that fixes the problem instantly! Thanks so much :smile: