Show flow in stave frame but not in layout

Ok, I admit this is complicated.

I use empty Pages to write down my lyrics.
Into those lyrics, I want to paste certain Chords and notes.
Fine, I create a new flow and display this flow in a staff frame, that I create on my text page:
BUT: I would like to not show the flow in the rest of the layout.

Is that possible?


If you’re just writing down lyrics, no need to create a flow. Just insert a blank page and add a text frame.

If you do have a flow with notes that you want to omit from a layout, you can do that in Setup mode. Select the layout on the right, and then uncheck the flow boxes at the bottom you don’t want to appear on that layout.

Thanks Dan.
I do insert a blank page, and put my lyrics into a text frame.
Now I insert a staff frame imto that.
Lets say I want to display 4 bars with a rhythmic figure in the bridge.
For that, I open a new flow and write my 4 bars rhythmic figure. Those 4 bars deisplay in the staff frame on my text page. Super!

Now I would like to NOT display the new flow with those 4 bars in the PDF.

If i untick the flow in the layout, the 4 bars dont display in the text page.

Thanks for the help

Can’t you just export the PDF with only the pages you want to include?

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If you mean you don’t want the 4-bar flow to be repeated at the end of the layout, after the “main music flow”, then do the following:

  1. In Engrave mode, in the right panel, double-click the Default page template to edit it.
  2. Click the flow frame selector in the music frame’s top left corner.
  3. Amend the included flows to exclude your 4-bar flow (and any other flows that you want to show in specific frames only, and don’t want Dorico to add automatically
  4. Click Apply, then Close.

Now your 4-bar flow isn’t in the main frame chain, Dorico won’t show it automatically, but you can still make it appear on specific pages – either as local page overrides, or by adding it to custom page templates, for example.