Show/Hide Signposts?

Dear Dorico staff
It seems to be like we could really do with a simple key-command to Show/Hide Signposts.
Is that on the to-do list?

In Preferences (on Mac, the Dorico menu at the top of the screen), you can make your own custom Key Commands.

I’ve been using F10 for that for so long, I had completely forgotten it wasn’t a default key command.

Thanks to you both. Now if F10 is unused, couldn’t it be set to that function from the factory?

As a feature request, I would like the ability to have a “Toggle Signpost visibility” command, so the same key command could be used to both show or hide them depending on whether they were currently visible or not.

That’s exactly what it does… it’s a toggle.

Oops, you’re right. I just searched for “toggle” in key commands without testing it out. My bad.

Just in case anybody cares: I’ve assigned Cmd-Shift-H on my Mac for showing and hiding signposts. Works flawlessly.