Show / hide sub brackets

At a point in the score I needed to add an extra staff for violin 1, 2, and viola. I only needed them for one passage and I can’t remember if I added the sub bracket or if it was automatic, but when I no longer need the divided staves I can’t get rid of the sub bracket or the number 1. Is there a way to hide them, thanks.


If you’ve not overridden brackets/braces manually, you’ll want this layout option:

The fact that your Violin is still showing the extra 1 suggests you may not have restored unison?

Unfortunately when I try to remove the bracket I get this. This is an xml score and this was the configuration that was applied. I didn’t even realize they weren’t section players.

You can create new players in Setup mode as needed, then drag the instruments from the old players to the new ones, and then remove the old ones.

Thanks Daniel, will give that a try.