Show Hub When Closing Projects + Quit button - Feature Request!

Can someone please add an option or tell me where I can activate the Hub menu without having to go to the menu bar when closing a project?
It’s the most annoying thing ever. :tired_face:
Have the Hub as the default start page with the option to quit the application from the Hub!

If I may suggest how to improve this post I would:

  • Tag this a feature-request
  • Rename the title in “Add option to show the Hub when closing all projects + Quit button”

In this way developers will have a easier life reading trough the title and search by tag!

Thank you !

Yeah, it’s very limited when trying to use tags for some reason and you really can’t add your own?
Anyway thanks for the suggestion… :+1:

My pleasure :slight_smile:
Yeah apparently the tags are hardcoded so that you can use only the provided ones (all in all it is not a super bad idea since ppl could spell it in different ways feature, request, feature-request and having them consistent helps to find them in one single way) but yeah this forum seems to be a work in progress since it is a new provider so eventually I trust they will make it better.