Show Inserts and Sends in Inspector?

Hey Guys,

I just upgraded from Cubase 5 to 7.5 and I´m having a problem with the new Inspector:
why is the tab with “Insert-Effects” and “Send-Effects” no more visible? The “Channel-Settings” button is new, which opens a new window where I can see the Inserts and Sends and Channel Strip etc. But where are the tabs for that (like in the previous versions), so that the Inserts and Sends are permanently visible through the tabs in the Inspector of the track, and I don´t have to open a new window everytime?
Damn, I hope it´s just a preference setting…

Thanks for your help!

odd that it isn’t there. Are you sure you have an audio or instrument track selected? If so, right mouse click in in the inspector and configure it.

Ah ok, when I create an Audio Track, it´s all there to choose.
But with an Instrument track, I don´t have Inserts and Send and Channel Strip etc as an option to choose for the tabs…

On the instrument track, in the middle of the inspector is a tab of the instrument. Expand it.

Ah yes, ok, the Instrument tab with all the other tabs in it is just visible with an VST-Instrument selected in the channel, not by default. Ok, was a bit too fast here… thank you!