Show Last Tweaked Parameter Under Automations

i’m a new user i’m from ableton, but a thing that’s missing in cubase 10 pro is Show Last Tweaked Parameter it’s really killing the workflow i wish this feature coming soon. regards Peter Hoffmann. :exclamation:

Does Project>Automation Panel>Settings>Reveal Parameter on Write


yes but then you have to record while tweaking a knob, in ableton you just click a knob and then its in the lane that i wish for.

I would like to see this too. It works the same in FL Studio.

i have fl studio too but i still like the way ableton does it’s so quicker and easier than fl studio too

Can you describe exactly how it works and how you use it?

yes in ableton i always have automation mode on then it showing the lanes and if i then want to automate a paramenter i just click it and its on the track and then i click the automation points in. i hate doing the recording automation that’s very not comfortable for me. i think cubase should add this feature alot of people would love it and they can make an option so you could choose both.


I also came from Ableton and I really miss this too. Logic has it as well. It makes drawing automation significantly faster! If they can’t implement it I’d at least like a right click option to create a lane for the parameter. They already have this functionality built into certain things, like send level for example, so it’s not like they’re completely unfamiliar with the concept.