Show midi event only where there is midi data?

When I record midi, is there any way where that the event is automatically cropped to where there is actual midi data?

As it is now, Ill record midi, and then as soon as I’m done, I need to remove empty space at the front and back of the event.


You might want to repost this in Feature Requests.

If you’re in the Project view, removing the front and back portions can be quickly done using the Edit in Place editor and the range tool. You could split this into a couple macros too, just have to manually make the selection. (there are other ways to do it too)

Edit in place,
range tool
Snap type: events

Locators to selection
Edit in Place (closes editor)
Edit: Crop Range

If the track has nothing on it aside from this pass you can create a macro and assign a key command to it, to do this with one keystroke after you record the phrase.

With the track selected and Range Tool active (or include “Range Tool” as the first step of the macro.)