Show notehead bracket only on one side?

The sheet that I’m transcribing uses a single square notehead bracket to specify that two notes should be played with the same finger.

Is this supported? I always end up with a pair of brackets. I don’t see such a use case in the official documentation either.

Sure, the musical concept as such is not supported as an item but you can achieve this with a vertical line:


When you add the line with hooks, use Engrave Mode to adjust the length.

Just read up on lines.

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I use the shift O, nonarp thing to achieve such marking. I’d say it’s supported for quite a very long time :sweat_smile:

What is a ‘nonarp’ thing? I am not familiar with that.

It gives the vertical line with right-facing hooks which is in the picture in your previous post.

Thanks all! Never knew. That should answer the OP satisfactorily.

It’s philosophically amusing that a non-arpeggio sign is classed as an arpeggio sign. :slight_smile:

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It’s in the Ornaments panel on the right too.

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Looks like both vertical lines and non-arpeggio signs work for my use case, and are near-identical in appearance. I personally prefer the former for this situation 'cause the latter feels like a misuse lol.

Thanks, everyone!