Show numbers and total duration of multiple (1,000's+) files

Back in WL6, if you added lots of files to a batch processor, there was a very convenient info line with the number of added files and the total duration of all added files in hh:mm:ss. I always used that to calculate key indicators such as working time and prizes etc.

Is it possible in WL11 to have a report of number of directories and files, and total duration? I dug around in the project manager and the montage for data like this, but haven’t found anything useful yet.
best, Peter

This is not possible in WaveLab 11. The reason is that WaveLab 6 was analyzing each file when inserting them, which took a lot of time for very large batches.

Thanks for getting back quickly! It took a little while with very large batches, but certainly not that long.

There is no alternative for a summary report like that (total number of files per subdirectory, and total duration of files per subdirectory and grand total of all files)?

Currently not, but I note the idea, as the project manager will certainly be enhanced in the future.

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