Show only HSO instruments in Halion Sonic?

Hi all,
A quick, likely silly question:
Is there a way to just show the HSO samples in the GUI of Halion Sonic? Right now I have to use filters and the like to sift through everything …


I will look into this on my end and let you know.

Thanks Josh!


In the LOAD tab, click on the Select Content Set menu just below the LOAD tab itself and then selct HSO.

sounds like a great tip and the solution to my problem, but please point me to the location of the LOAD tab… In Cubase itself, or the instrument GUI or where?

Sorry… :wink:


Well you aasked about the GUI of Halion Sonic, so there. :wink:

:blush: fair enough…
I’ll go sleep now, I’ll look for it again tomorrow. FYI: I use HSLE 2.


Steve, I found it… thx!
However, your instruction were for Halion Sonic, but I have the SE version, so there is no load tab… but SB had a good explanation on how to use the filters in the preset browser here:

Thx again,

Can someone please explain how add a preset filter? In the screenshot in that kb they show that they’ve actually added another filter column at the end for Library Name though this is not what they describe doing in step 2.

Under the last section, "Accessing the HALion Symphonic Orchestra Presets in HALion Sonic SE: "…

Step 2 in the kb says to "Click on a title menu like e.g. „Key“ and select „Audio – Assets / Library Name“. I don’t see anything labeled “Key” but I see other ‘title menus’ like ‘Category’, ‘Sub Category’, etc. I see where I can change any of those from their current function to ‘Library Name’ by clicking on one and selecting ‘Audio - Assets’ > ‘Library Name’ however I don’t want to replace an existing filter column I want to add an additional one like they show in the screenshot.

Does anyone know how to do this?

Good question, I just settled for 4 columns…