Show playing techniques after system break

I have a playing technique with a continuation line, that pass trough a lot of bars. I would like to show it at the beginning of each system, as a reminder.
There is a way to do it automatically?

I tried to flag the “show at start of system” but it seems nothing happens.


you have, in engrave mode, to select the line in the subsequent staff: this line has it’s own properties [edit: seems to have some of the properties…] that you can override in the panel:

Example with global option on Do not show at start of new system active, and override in engrave mode:

Or use the global Options in Engraving Options/Playback Techniques/Continuation to change the behaviour globally:

Strangely the panel option doesn’t have any effect in write mode (in either way):

Example with global option on Show at start of new system active, and override in write mode (no effect!?):

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Super helpful,
Thank you very much!

PS. It would be great to have an extra option to put in parenthesis also the glyph playing techniques. Or even better to define a secondary glyph for the repetition.
It could be useful for creating a playing technique that behaves similar like an 8va/15ma line.

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