Show pre/post fader status in Lower Zone MixConsole!

Edit for TL;DR version first :

  1. The send level bars change color to show pre or post fader status in main MixConsole and channel editor, wish it also did this in Lower Zone MixConsole!

  2. Key commands to select Fader view, Sends View, Insert view in LowerZone MixConsole would be incredible

    Hey all, long time Cubase user!

Usually a lurker but the new 9.5 Pro is fantastic and I’m learning a ton from the forum, so I figured I’d post a bit if I can possibly be helpful

I’m loving the focus on being able to fit everything on one screen, without having to open popup windows so often, it’s amazing for workflow

One small suggestion to make this even better, is if the effects send level bars in the Lower Zone MixConsole would reflect their prefader or postfader status by changing color, same as they do in the large MixConsole window or the Channel Edit window

Currently they just stay the same color, and you can’t know instantly if the send is prefader or postfader… you have to either click on it, or open up one of the other windows

This seems like a small/easy change since it’s already a feature on the other windows, and it would speed things up even more!

Related… I’d absolutely love keycommands for the Fader View, Inserts View, and Sends View in the Lower Zone MixConsole… one each!!! to be able to switch between them quickly without having to move the mouse/cursor

If either of these things exist already, please let me know!