Show QWERTY iPad Dorico

So a touch of the flu has me bedridden and trying to use Dorico on my iPad. I cannot find a way to show the QWERTY keyboard.
I’ve googled, searched this forum but nowhere can I find the command to display the keyboard. I can find the piano board but without a QWERTY board I’m extremely limited!
Must be simple but it’s foxed me.
Thanks, :mask:

What are you trying to do? Enter text, e.g. Lyrics, into your score?

If you click on the keyboard icon on the right hand side (below the “palette” icon), then you can access popover tools for things like Text and Lyrics, and the on-screen keyboard should appear when you need to type into them.

Thanks, that’s the first thing I tried but it didn’t do anything. Seems that if I randomly touch the screen outside of any stave, on both sides of the screen I can make it appear. Just updated Dorico and problem persists.
I’d just like to be able to switch between musical and normal keyboard easily for various functions.
But I can’t get the keyboard to stay open for note entry for example

You can’t use the on-screen keyboard for “commands”, like using SHIFT T to create a tempo, or the articulation shortcuts.

You can only using for typing within popover, or in a text frame, or File Info.

Ah i didn’t know that, thanks

Get well soon

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thank you! I did in fact make a speedy recovery, due to having to play a concert on Saturday night - best medicine! Always kicks the bugs away (voice was not 100% but hey, who noticed???), but thank you again for your kindness.