Show shortcuts of popovers above their category

I’m using Dorico 3.1 in Spanish and I would suggest a few things.

In order to learn well Dorico, it would be good to show the shortcuts of the popovers not only in the composition drop-list but also in their icons in the right and left panel.

for instance, If you put your mouse in the f symbol, it should show not only “Dynamics” but something like “Dinamics (Shift + D)”. It would be super useful to learn the program. I know, this is not a very important thing but it would make Dorico much easier to work with when you start using it.

As has been explained before, it’s easy for icons to show their shortcut when the icon and the shortcut do exactly the same thing. For instance, the Lyrics icon can (and I believe does) show Shift-L, because when you click it it invokes the Lyrics popover.
When you click the Dynamics icon, it doesn’t invoke the Shift-D popover; it shows you the Dynamics category in the right panel.

So you could add a popover icon in the category in order to add the shortcut, coudn’t you? This would help.

I mean, it’s just a suggestion, something I miss because is not very clear you can do that unless someone shows it to you. And popovers are quite powerful.