Show Tips in Dorico 4

How can “Show Tips” be activated in Dorico 4?
I can’t find it!

I’m sorry, I don’t know what you’re asking for. Can you provide a bit more information about what you are trying to do?

I choosed the exact term used in Cubase for this function.
In Dorico 3.5 when I move over a symbol with the mouse an explanation of what the symbol is appears.
For example hovering over the Fermate symbol shows: “Holds and Pauses”
It is deactivated in Dorico 4 on my system

Yes, quite a few tooltips (I believe that’s the word) aren’t showing up. With a lot of buttons having gotten a redesign that’s rather unfortunate.


Ah, yes indeed, I realize that some “tooltips” are there.
But none of the right panel in Write mode are there

Right, thanks. Yes, unfortunately, we’re unable to show tool tips for some of the new panels for really quite boring and inconvenient technical reasons. We have begun a transition from one user interface framework to another with this release, and we’re now in an awkward halfway house situation that comes with some compromises. We will be able to restore tool tips properly in future when we have fully moved over to this new framework for the main project window.


Ok, thanks for looking at this.
BTW these are the tooltips of the right panel in Write mode.

Second BTW: a great great update, thanks a lot for all your work :slight_smile:

In the meantime @teacue the names of buttons are in the manual, provided you know the name of the area where they’re found though I suppose! For instance, the Notations toolbox (on the right in Write mode) is here.


@ Lillie_Harris
Yes of course the manual is here :slight_smile:
And in fact I really should know what the symbols mean, but the Tool Tips are a great and a fast help when you come back to Dorico after being away from the program for some weeks or even some months.
There are so much things to remember nowadays :wink:

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tooltips have been a source of pain in Windows development since forever.

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Ah, hopefully this can get fixed soon. I really rely on these, especially with the upgrade to D4.

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Ugh, this is also quite frustrating. Shouldn’t have to go to the docs to decipher an icon like this:


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