Show track with data "only within the selected folder"

Hello, any PLE possible to “hide tracks with no data” ONLY within the selected folder ?



I’m not worth Cubase, but if I’m not mistaken, you can add a condition Parent is selected.

so “show tracks with data” should be in the “post-process” section of the PLE?
It still affect all the tracks in the project

With a PLE if you select the folder
It works

container type - is equal - to folder track - or
container type - is equal to track - and
property is - set parent object is selected - and
property is -defined is empty
track operation Hide track enable
and transform


after PLE:


Hey ! It’s almost there ! Is there a way to add “between locators” to the “empty” condition?

Yes that works too but I don’t have enough time
This function can be done with a macro
I will try to show you this tonight
if someone hasn’t responded to you before

don’t worry you already helped me alot

so as I said this morning
I have a macro in green
Marker selection data tracks
who will allow me to choose
the track(s) with the part I want to hear
and hide the empty tracks at the location of the locators



In English it’s better


Then I have another macro which will allow you to select certain tracks between the locators and make only those visible and solo them.

Locator Selection and play solo tracks




But this one is a little more complex

Whereas with the first macro you obtain

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Afterwards many of these macros and PLEs were made under Cubase 11 Pro
Since version 12 and now 13 you can create PLEs with pre and post commands in combination with macros
And there are certainly ways to do things simpler and/or differently
but I didn’t have time to check and modify since it works very well for me
The best thing is to do tests as you go.

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Thanks ! Merci :pray:

It was nothing
That’s what I find great about this forum.
it allows you to learn and share

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