Show Tracks With Data Alteration

New Cubase user getting in to macros and project logical editor functions to interface with lemur.

I’m looking to alter the “Show Tracks with Data” function. In our template we place midi regions (events?) at the beginning of each track (CC data at 64 - only about 2 beats of data). When using the function it basically just shows everything I can already see.

Attached is a screenshot of the data placed in relation to data composed.

I’ve tried many permutations in project logical editor to select specific regions after bar 2 with success but it won’t select the appropriate tracks in relation to the MIDI data.

Can anyone suggest a combination command with “Show Tracks with Data” or “Show Tracks with Data at Cursor” that will help show relevant data after bar 2?

Thank you.

Maybe someone else will understand, what you want to do or see, but I don’t.

Could you simply tell us what you want it is you want to accomplish, without including any specific Cubase functions?

Thank you for your reply!

I would like to “Show Tracks with Data” but after bar one so that it ignores our preset CC regions that reside in bar 1.

EDIT: Digital Performer has a similar function “Show tracks with soundbites and notes” and allows me to ignore the regions set in the bar 1 of the track

Show all tracks that have data on them, while ignoring data in bar 1, is what I’ve understood. :wink:

And, welcome to Cubase. :smiley:

This macro

This PLE preset

Not sure if this video I made will help but I created PLE commands to only show tracks with bata from bar 3. So I can have midi data at bar 1 (for template balancing) and I usually start at bar 5. The reason I use bar 3 is because I can hit record from bar 3, have a 4 beat (or whatever the time sig is) count in and then play. Then data before bar 5 (which there will be) will be detected. 2 bars before the bar you want to record at seemed to work best for me. Sorry I’m drunk and I’m no pro video maker…