Show tracks with data between locators with PLE?

I want to add a chain of actions that I can trigger from my Keyboard , at the moment I am using Metagrid on a iPad , which sends chain of actions , which is great but not when I don’t have my iPad with me :slight_smile:

Is there a way to add a keyboard short cut in the Logical Editor ? (F17 Show tracks with data between locators ) if not is there a way to create this function - Show tracks with data between locators

Not sure I understand… For example what F17 is?
Anyway, since this command exists, you can just have a shortcut assigned to it. But again, perhaps I don’t understand what you actually want to do, since you’re mentioning the Project Logical Editor.

Yer ? Was not very clear , I have a short cut set up F17 , but I want to trigger more than one action

Show tracks with data

Show Groups named - GRP
Hide inactive

In a single short cut . I know how to use logical editor for :-
Show Groups named - GRP
Hide inactive

But not how to show tracks with data in cycle

But isn’t the command you need, the one I’ve just sent with the screenshot?
All you have to do is create a Macro, and then add these commands. Or am I missing something?

Do you want to see tracks that fulfill both criteria or do you want to see all tracks that fulfill either one of these criteria?

Sorry , finding it hard to explain … in a single key press I want to :-

  1. show tracks with data between cycle
  2. Show Groups named - GRP
  3. then hind inactive…

show tracks with data between cycle … via key commands … below , but how can you do this via logical editor ?

Hide inactive

This is for showing all tracks with data between locators, then additionally show Group tracks with GRP in the name.

The two commands in the pre-process section get a different name once their are inserted. They are:
Agents: Show all channels/tracks
Agents: Show channels/tracks with data between the locators

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Amazing thank you !! that almost does it . only problem is it didn’t hide inactive tracks that have Data between the cycle markers . But because you showed me this function, I found the Post section! and it works . I love this forum people are so helpful :).

only odd thing (is could be Mac only) I can’t open “Event Transform action " and Pre & Post Commands” at the same time like your screen show …

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This window is not vertically resizable on Mac?

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Opps Yes, That make me feel very silly :slight_smile:

I absolutely love Cubase, it is a real game changer, moving from logic, but I have to say Instill haven’t cracked the over feel for it . As a life long Mac user I am having to think hard dealing with the GUI .

But I will never go back and forum is a joy