Show Volume Automation for selected track?

Is there a way to bind a shortcut to show volume automation for the selected track?

I see there’s a command to ‘show volume automation for ALL tracks’ (no good), and I also see a command for ‘show used automation on selected track’ (again, no good).

I feel like this MUST exist… right? Just simply show me the automation line/subtrack for whatever track is currently selected.

Hi - it’s “show automation”, which you can assign a key command to. “Hide automation” then closes it. But it’s only for the selected track.

Thanks for the reply, but this command doesn’t seem ‘bound’ to volume in any way. Tried a few things, and it seems this command will show whatever automation lane was last used. So if the last thing I did was adjust ‘send 1 automation’ then running this command shows ‘send 1 automation’. It’s hard to tell exactly what’s going on, but it’s quite easy to make it so this command shows something other than volume.

For example, if I run this command and it brings up ‘send 1 automation’ and then I change the automation lane to show volume, then the next time I run the command it shows volume. If I run this command and it shows ‘send 1 automation’, and then I add a new automation lane to show volume and then move the volume lane above the ‘send 1’ lane, then hide automation, then run the command again…, it will show volume. If I do some panning automation, then the next time I run this command it takes me to the pan automation.

Like I said, it’s hard to tell exactly what’s happening…, other than the fact that this will not always show volume.

I guess a big giant request would be to add specific automation lanes into the project logical editor so we can make our own commands for showing specific lanes of automation. For example, show ‘pan’ automation for the selected track, ‘send 1’ automation for the selected track, etc.

Hmmm. Mine doesn’t do that. I just tested it again, and no matter what automation I add, when I hit the key command for “show automation”, the volume lane always comes up. If I open other lanes, then they will open and close with the key command too. But volume is always first, no matter what the latest parameter I’ve automated.
I’m on 10.3, and looking at your sig, you’re on 10.1? Like you I’m also on Mac / Mojave. I wonder if there was an update to this functionality in the latest, or if there is some other setting that I have enabled and you don’t…?

Hope you can figure it out. Maybe someone else can test and chime in.

Thanks for the reply. I’m actually on 10.3, I just updated my signature :slight_smile:

It’s an odd one for sure. It seems very inconsistant. I just tried it in a different project and indeed it seems to always show volume. Went back to the project I was editing earlier and now it’s always showing volume, except one dialouge track suddenly wanted to show ‘linked panner’ automation when togging the command. I then opened a second automation lane, chose volume, moved that lane above the ‘linked panner’ lane, and then the command would show volume.

I’d love to know what the expected behavior is from a dev here.

What if I need send automation to be shown for selected track only ? Or EQ? How can I do that? “Show EQ” is a no go! I don’t want to see the other’s track EQ automation whish is absolute mess!
Ok, I could do a macro for this by steps: used automation for selected tracks
2. PLE: select all lanes but EQ
3. The next… How can I hide selected automation lanes? I didn’t find the command for this. No such command?
Well, sorry, but obviuosly the automation workflow is not well thought out by devs.