Show VST name and automation parameter in separate boxes so no abbreviation is needed. Or allow the box to be resized.

Cramming it into one box makes the parameter unreadable:

However, if we use a second box to indicate what object the parameter belongs to, then both fit without abbreviation:

Currently, parameter “OSC1 - Cutoff” for object “VSTName” would be shown as [ VSTNam…utoff ]. Which oscillator the parameter is for is lost.

I propose to turn this:

[ VSTNam…utoff ]

Into this:

[ OSC1 - Cutoff ]
[ VSTName ]

An alternative solution is to be able to set the width of the box in Track Control settings. It is unaffected by “Track Name Width (global)”

Why “main” ? What does “main” relate to?
What do you do with several objects on the same track? (5 inserts, vsti, channel volume, vsti volume, etc etc?
Current convention is “object” -“action” your request doesn’t make sense?

"Main - " is just part of that VST’s parameter name.

It doesn’t make sense to add the full VST name as a prefix because it almost surely makes it not fit in the box.

[ SytrusVS…dulationX ] is confusing to look at. My request is to be able to see the full parameter name instead.

But the parameter of what? If you have 3 plugs with a volume parameter, you will never know which one is the one you need,calling them all “main” doesn’t help that.

I can polish the request a bit to solve that.

How about there are two boxes, first the parameter and then the object?

[ Main - Modulation X ]
[ Sytrus VSTi ]

It doesn’t need to be crammed into one box this way.

I don’t think 2 boxes are an improvement, no object description is also not an improvement, though not written in full, the current algo is very clear on what you have selected

Why not? You can see both labels in full if there are two boxes.

All these …ellipsis… aren’t doing any good for clarity.

You need to read 2 fields instead of one and in the dropdown selector it’s still one field, consistency.

Ah, but that’s interesting, wouldn’t it be nicer to have a different dropdown menu per box?

And having to read 2 fields instead of not being able to read 1 fully is an improvement in my book.

Calling a parameter “…dulationX” isn’t doing it for me.

It’s pulled from the vst description, i’ve never used cytrus, but it’s probably ‘modulation X’ ?

Thanks for your feedback Raphie, I think it’s a better request now. I also gave an example why you can’t always guess what the abbreviated parameter is.

You’ve missed the point, Steinberg does not control the internal parameter naming, that’s the plugin developer.
You can check by opening any 3rd PTY plugin and switch the GUI to generic. What’s painted on the GUI is not always the actual parameter name as given by the developer. :wink:

“Main - Parameter X” is the internal parameter name. Cubase adds on "Sytrus VSTi - " to that, making it too long for the box.

What the… They are all abbreviated and unreadable. The actual readable name is only shown when right clicking.

Cubase, please don’t do that. I don’t know what a Man-Vlmsstn is.

Told ya, write to Cytrus to use more logical parameter naming. Cubase just displays what Cytrus provides.

Raphie, please. It says “Main - Master Pitch”, not “Sytrus VSTi - Main - Master Pitch”. So Cubase adds on the “Sytrus VSTi” part, which I suggest to put into its own box.

It is also Cubase doing the abbreviation here, as seen when right clicking.

We’re discussing 2 different things :wink:
But regarding your request, not sure if it’s an improvement it’s yet another box, per channel.

You seem like someone that prefers things not to change from how they are, even if it’s for the better.

Do you at least agree that it would be nice to be able to change the width of the box, so it can actually show its contents?

The width depends on the resolution and screen estate, as well as the channel width, for the inspector it has never been a problem on my setup 30" 2560 * 1600, widening the box will steal screen estate from the whole column, the box can only be as wide as the column is. The abreviation algo has grown as part of my muscle memory, it feels natural and I don’t consider it a problem. For you it might be different though, I appreciate that.

I am with the OP here. All the abbreviations drive me crazy.

Or in Cubase terms, All the ab…ive me crazy