Showing automation on tracks


I’ve been in a studio recently using Logic Pro 9 on a Mac system. Really impressed by the engineer’s ability to work directly on the tracks with plugins, eq’s etc and they are all actually marked directly on the track visually so you can see the different FX levels applied to the waveform.

Does Cubase allow the different FX applied to a track to be shown directly on the waveform?

So far all I can do is create separate FX tracks below the waveform track?



No, but it does allow the waveform to be superimposed on the automation tracks (See automation preferences).
Yes it’s different than e.g. Pro-Tools, but just take it in stride - separate automation tracks can also have its advantages.

+1 for automation on the (main) waveform lane.

Because: I quite often have a lot of automation which takes up a fair few extra lanes for each track, resulting in a lot of scrolling and not seeing many of the tracks. I hide the automation, but hiding automation is good to see more tracks on-screen but I’ve no longer got the visual feedback of which tracks are automated. So, I’d like to see it on the main waveform to give me good visual feedback and also not take up extra screen space.

Also, can we have highlights around the buttons/knobs that are automated - that’d be really useful because right now there’s no way of telling except to move the button to see if it springs back, and with no Undo of moving buttons that’s not a very good solution.