Showing chords, how?

Hello! Using Dorico SE here. I ha ve a piano part that I need to show the shords, but I don’t know the exact steps (show / hide chords option is not working). I can’t get it to show chords (In Cubase this is easier, but the score layout setup is not).
I am importing a midi file from Cubase with the piano part and even a chord track.
The piano part looks great, but no chord is showing…

By default, Dorico only shows chords on “rhythm” instruments (which does include piano. So be sure in Setup Mode that Dorico recognizes your imported piano as a piano.

You should also check right-clicking the Player card (not the instrument) to make sure chords have not been blocked from that Player.

Here’s a link to the relevant material in the Dorico SE Operation Manual (which I commend to you: try searching in there for “showing chord symbols” and you’ll be taken to this page directly):

The thing is I have the option to show chords enabled but I don’t see the chords. I may need to do something else to make them to show up, maybe chord regions?

Do I need to input the chords myself?

Ah, that’s the key. Showing “chords” in Dorico is indeed a matter of entering chord symbols.

[Redacted] The status bar at the bottom identifies chords for selected notes, if that’s of any help.

I’m afraid you’re very much mistaken!

I don’t know if this is available in SE, you can try it. Select your notes in the piano (select the first note, then cmd-shift-A three or four times or select to the end of flow), right click, follow the path on the picture (if available).
Hope it helps!

It seems it is not available in SE. I don’t have that option.

If only scores weren’t so hard on Cubase… because I can easily show chords there, but the score setup (to make it look like in Dorico, is a real pain

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Transcribing the chords from the Cubase chord track into Dorico is straight forward using the Chord Popover even in SE.

I found out that I can drag selected chords from the chord track in Cubase to Dorico SE in Play Mode, and all the chords are imported.

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