Showing flow heading above all flows, except theme index?

I want to show flow headings above all flows in a score, including the first one. I also need a theme index, however the theme index is also putting a flow header in there for the frame which is not desired. That can be removed by enabling “Show flow headings” either Never or Not for the first flow but neither setting is what is needed. Any thoughts?

The theme index is on a TOC page like this

Assuming your Theme Index is a single page, turn off Flow Headings for that specific page, from the right panel of Engrave mode.

Ah! Yes of course, introduce a flow heading change for that page. Wonderful, Pianoleo to the rescue! That won’t get saved in the master set so I’ll have to remember to do that when it gets reused, which isn’t a biggie.


Am I correct that you are talking of a page override?

I’m talking of a Flow Heading Change. What of it?

Flow heading changes aren’t page overrides, at least they don’t get the red dogear in the corner. Instead they get a yellow bottom border.

Otherwise I’ve been finding that a Master Page Override is much more reliable than simply creating a new page, and from the dialog choosing a master page*. The first creates a page with no override and a green top border, and any changes to the master page propagate. The latter results in a dog ear, and changes to the master page are not propagating.

  • The dialog says “use master page” but with heavy editing of the master page it stops propagating at some early point

You said Engrave Mode, right-hand column: I’m trying to figure out how you envisioned doing it to just the first page.
I was imagining we were talking about the flow token in a running header; so I may not have understood what was being asked.
Were you talking about creating a second Flow Header at the bottom of the column?

Perhaps the image given should have tipped me off.

Right click on any page in the Pages section of the right panel of Engrave mode, and you’ll find a Flow Heading Change option (I’m not in front of it so the words may be in a different order!). You can apply it to just a single page or from that page onwards.

Oh, cool! If I ever knew that, I had forgotten it. Thank you, Leo.

I’m still wondering how to do the following. The default master page has a header with the name of the flow and of the layout. I’d like to remove this header at the beginning of any flow which begins at the top of a page, as the name is already shown in the flow header. In the attachment I’d only like to show the larger title. Do I have to create another master page with no text frame at the top?

first page new flow.png

The Layout Option to Use First Master Page for any flow that starts at the top of a page normally covers this. If your actual first page of music needs specific information that isn’t needed anywhere else in the layout (copyright info, for instance), I’d bring in a separate master page specifically for that page.

There are also layout options that cover hiding/showing info in running headers when a flow heading is at the top of the page - I don’t think that includes the (I presume) {@layoutname@} token though, so that would still appear unfortunately.

You’re right. I discovered early on that the layout name, which I need for the headers on the other pages, doesn’t get removed from the first page of a new flow, regardless of the flow heading settings. It would perhaps be handy to have an option to exclude all this information when the flow heading is on the top of the page, but creating a new master page, as Leo remarked, is perhaps just as easy, especially since I can’t use the first master page, as it’s more of a title page.