Showing full page with chords diagrams only

Hi, sorry for that many questions… and thank you all for your help all time!

Atm moment I am trying to archive a full page of chord diagrams. I found two different ways to do that.
The first with hiding all staff and bar lines and rests and cleffs… and yeah kinda everything.

Minor Incident approach 1.dorico (1.1 MB)

The second approach, is by adjusting the size of the “Show chord diagrams used at the start of flow”, wich has an issue, that I can’t really change the chords anymore, couse the editing is somewhere else after that. even if I add an other page. with that flow.

Minor Incident approach 2.dorico (578.2 KB)

maybe I am doing something wrong, or missing, I don’t know yet :slight_smile:

Both approaches are just usable when I don’t want to add anything else kinda. is there an other to create something like that?

It wouldn’t be “active” in the sense of dynamically linked to music, but you could (and assuming you have Dorico Pro)

  1. Create a Dorico project
  2. Set up chord diagrams as you want them, anywhere
  3. Make chord diagrams nice and large
  4. Export each one as a graphic, using graphic slices
  5. Import the resulting images (probably best to use a high-resolution image or SVG) into graphics frames
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that’s an other good idea thx.

Do u know something about that popup that’s left bottom instead of top right of the page?
I think it’s couse the original staff is out of the page range. but shouldn’t it pop up at the position where I start editing?