Showing notes in voice colors

Hi - I’m having an issue with Dorico 3.5 where I load my score and I can see all the different voice colors in Write mode. However, after a minute or so, all the colors change to black for no reason. The menu option for showing voice colors is still enabled but all the notes are black. Even switching the Note and Rest Colors to ‘None’ and then back to ‘Voice Colors’ does nothing. I’ve tried rebooting and the same thing happens. Starts out fine and then stops working. And I’ve just noticed that the Rhythmic Grid does not display on the current measure. Yet it does display on other measures when I drag the mouse over them. Weird.

I’ve attached a diagnostics zip file. Can someone tell me how to fix this? Thanks,

Dorico (453.7 KB)

Hide Invisibles can occasionally get stuck. Is there a possibility you’re using that key inadvertently, possibly as part of another shortcut? It’s the backslash on my keyboard but depending on keyboard layout it may be different - check Preferences > Key Commands.

Interesting thought. My keyboard has been acting up lately. When I press the left Shift key, other characters like the pipe or backslash sometimes get entered. So perhaps my keyboard is the issue. I’ll try to find another keyboard to test. Thanks,

Keyboard appears to be the issue. Thanks!