Showing page number on every page with New flows start new page

Yet more plodding along.

I want a page number to appear on every page.

I have 15 flows. Each new flow is set to ‘Always start new page.’

The page numbers are only appearing on the opposite page of the new flow.

If I change Flows to New flows ‘Allow on existing page’, then all pages are numbered, but now the flows are mixed up.

Is it possible to show page numbers on every page with the setup of New flows: ‘Always start new page.’

Many thanks.


Delve into Layout Options > Page Setup > Flow Headers (it might just be called Flows; I can’t remember and I’m on an underground train right now).

If you’re using Flow Headers, then there are settings in that dialog for showing or hiding various tokens above Flow Headers. By default, page numbers are set to hide above Flow Headers. It should just be a case of clicking the “Show” option within that dialog.

If you’ve set Flows to start on a new page, there’s a likelihood that you’re using a default “First” page for the first page of each flow, rather than a default “Default” page with a superimposed Flow Header. In that scenario you need to go into Engrave mode, double-click on the First Master Page in the right panel, then add a new text frame containing the {@pageNumber@} header. Remember to do it for both the left and right versions of the default First page. You can always refer to the default Default Master Page for where to place it, font size etc.

Goodness that option was in front of me all the time.

Thank you.

Much too late in the evening for me to be doing this = 1.19 am EST.