showing quarter note groupings in 3/2 meter

I’ve searched for this topic, but can’t find anything that addresses the specific thing I’m looking for.

I have a specific 3/2 bar that I want to be grouped into single quarter notes. Typing in the popover “[1+1+1+1+1+1]/4” achieves the correct grouping, but then it displays as 6/4. I want that grouping with 3/2. Of course, I could just force duration and re-enter the notes manually, but I would like to learn the most efficient way to deal with this for the future.

I couldn’t find a Notation Options setting that would address this, but maybe I overlooked something.

Pictured is (a) how Dorico automatically groups it (it’s quite unreadable), and (b) how I want it to look.



You can always hide the 6/4 time signature - might be the easiest route.

I would use Force Duration on the first bar, then use that modified time sig on the second bar and hide it.

Aha, very clever workaround! Thanks!