Shrink and expand midi with mouse

Dear Steinberg if you read this please make my request come true
1 .
Shrink & Expand Midi event(2)
Shrink and expand midi with mouse
2. please make humanize button on midi toolbar, i know logical editor is beast, but sometimes i need to make it quick, especially when i working without midi controller to control midi velocity or position only
3. folder track as group track
4. ctrl+A for select all midi without cc events
5. always on top for floating midi editor
6. add mute or solo in midi editor visibility
7. make midi editor more fluid, sometimes when move midi object with mouse feels like stuck



Your humanize function is not in necessarily in the Logical Editor but in the Quantize settings:
It is called “Rough” nowadays.

It can, of ,course, also be accessed from the left zone

Thanks man, but no velocity randomization. what i want is all humanize features in one exclusive window or sidebar in realtime, like other daw, no need to click apply or freeze. useful for faster editing, can be done in 3 mouse clicks,

I did not make any suggestion regarding velocity. What drew you to that conclusion?

It is right there - Rough Quantize. However you have to press the Q key in order to apply it. Can be done in 3 mouse clicks/key presses.

Not if you have “Auto Apply Quantize” ticked. It’s almost automatic then, you see what you’re doing all while tweaking the fields. Good for nailing down exact an exact swing feel!

@darkmatt3rs, we usually make one request per topic, so that people can like and vote for each one of them seperately. One might like your suggestion no. 1, but not your suggestion no. 2, you know? It’s easier if there’s one thread per feature request.

First thing sorry if my english is not good, that’s make everybody missed my point.
trust me i know about cubase quantize panel & some others basic midi editing and shortcut in cubase.

you dont make any suggestion regarding velocity, but im talking about my request about simplified humanize panel that cover velocity and timing control, but your answer is quantize panel that only cover timing position, don’t forget “humanize” not only about timing, but also velocity. after my keyboard controller broken, i use quantize panel for randomize start and end timing, and logical editor for randomize velocity, but the steps takes a lot of time.
What i want is something like this, simple.
Reaper humanize
sorry my bad english.

sorry man, this is my first post. im newbie here, and im new in cubase world, i will follow you suggestion in the future. before i only use cubase only for mixing and reaper for midi. now i want to try to make some music in cubase. thats why i want to dig deeper.

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No problem! Warm welcome, and here’s to many creative hours with Cubase. :beers: