Shuffle snap and marker behaviour

Does anyone perhaps know if there a way to lock markers to events so that in shuffle mode the markers move relative to the snapped events? I need the marker labels to be at the right edit location (beginning of event) after the shuffle snap.

From what I can see this is not possible but maybe I’ve missed something?

I also wish that the grouping feature would span more than grouping events only…
It would come in very handy if we could group events with markers for instance.

As a workaround for grouping-events-with-markers, I apply the (key-)command EDIT/ MOVE TO CURSOR to the marker, after I’ve moved an event…

Niek/ Amsterdam

Thanks Niek, I was really thinking about this in terms of editing a long take (chopping, labelling, discarding, and ending up with lots of gaps between audio events). In this instance shuffle can be used to close the gaps. But, if one selects all audio and marker events and applies shuffle snap, yes, the audio moves as it should and the gaps close, but the markers will not shuffle in correspondence with the audio events. Using ‘move to cursor’ would be very time consuming if faced with tons of markers and events that need to be assigned after shuffle has been applied. Hope this makes sense.

I’m afraid our wish won’t be fulfilled tomorrow…
(when Steinberg release Nuendo 8)
But hopefully in the near future?

Niek/ Amsterdam

Can’t you just use “regions” to edit your long file?


Or maybe you could move the the audio tracks and marker tracks in a folder track, and use delete time/insert silence operations on the folder track? This moves the markers also.

that would be an inelegant solution relative to using marker tracks.

The beauty of multiple marker tracks is that detailed notes can be added, viewed in the main workplace, and also exported as a CSV file so that others can reference time-point notes using whatever playback software they have.

I think the fact that markers don’t reference time in the same way that audio events do is problematic - surely it’s something that could be remedied easily?