Shuttle plus Automation Preview bypasses Inserts

Hello everyone, I ran into a behaviour of Nuendo 6.5 that might be of interest.

Try this:
Create an empty project, a new track and insert any plugin
Put automation in preview mode
Use shuttle play (forward or backward doesn’t matter)
Turn off preview mode and look at your insert rack
The Inserted plugin will be bypassed.
This happens on Windows and Mac.

When using shuttle, all used plugins are temporarily bypassed, this is normal behaviour, necessary to provide a responsive shuttle function, I assume. But this behaviour in combination with preview mode turned on and off makes no sense, from my point of view, or better, it can cause trouble.

Anyone else noticed this?

Best regards

Yes old issue. You have to switch off the pref that automatically disables inserts when scrubbing. Transport or plugins section of prefs, can’t check right now.

Thank you for your reply, EricG! Yes, it is in the Transport/Scrub section of the preferences. Good to know.
Also thanks to Bernhard, he pointed me to this too :wink:.