Shuttle PRO V2

Anyone have luck using Shuttle PRO V2 with Nuendo? If so, could you tell me of your experience: how you are using it, have you successfully re-programmed it etc.

Much appreciated, I purchased one and am not finding it at all useful.



Very useful for me. At same time I can:
Transport functions (play, stop, ff, rewind, record)
Cut event
Go to start point
Crop event
Trim event (start and end)
Move event
Change volume event
Change resolution for editing
Fade in/out
Move cursor to next/previous event
Move cursor to next/previous locator

Very, very, very useful

Thanks so much for your reply. I’m not finding the same responsiveness. I assume you programmed these events, yes?
Did you create a new keyset in Nuendo?

thanks much,


Yes. First I assigned the keys for the Shuttle and after the keyset from Nuendo. You can use modifiers as you want to get all functions.

I guess I’m just dense. I am still finding limited response from ShuttlePRO. I created a new keyset in ShuttlePRO shuttle settings. I modified Button 12 changing it to the Nuendo Zoom In command “h” But when I return to Nuendo and press ShuttlePRO button 12, nothing happens. I tried using the Shuttle PRO with isotope RX and it works as advertised. Am I missing something.


I notice that if I switch from Nuendo 7 to iZotope RX I get a message from Contour that says, iZotope RX but if I switch to Nuendo Countour says ‘All Applications.’ I don’t think ShuttlePro sees Nuendo…

Advice? Thanks much appreciated.


Nuendo wasn’t being recognized by the Contour Shuttle app, so I made a copy of the Nuendo settings. In the Contour Shuttle app, right-click the default Nuendo settings and choose “Copy to new settings…”. Select the Nuendo app from the file list. These copied settings will now be active whenever Nuendo is in focus, and you can modify them from here.

I had to change a couple of the default assignments in both Nuendo and the Contour Shuttle app. In particular, for the jog wheel I changed the assignments to a Ctrl sequence for each direction (Ctrl-o for left and Ctrl-p for right). I did the same for each zone of the shuttle ring, also ensuring each assignment in Contour Shuttle was set to “Type Keystroke” and “Hold Down.” Works very well.

Thanks much. I’ll give your suggestion a try tomorrow and report back.

Much appreciated,