SI Performer and Cubase Elements 8


I’m going to be mixing an event, where Multitrack Recording is required for some Music Videos. I already have Cubase Elements 8 on my Laptop and use it for Home Recording or smaller band overdubbing productions and am pretty familiar with it. I would love to use it for Tracking the Live Event, as I really like how it works and fits into my workflow perfectly. As I’ve never done this kind of recording before and don’t have the console a long time beforehand to set up and test loads of stuff, I hope to get some answers from you.
I haven’t found a maximum channel number for live multitrack recording in Cubase Elements 8 on the website yet. It says the maximum number of physical in- and outputs is 24 (at least for Elements 9) - but does that count for simultaneous live recording as well? Is that combined or each?
Has someone used the combination SI Performer/Cubase Elements before and can confirm that it works well?
I probably have the chance to test it out with an X32 (bit different, but at least something) at my church soon, but I figured it can’t be wrong to ask a few experts for advice and experience as well :wink:

Thanks in advance!


It’s unlike;ly that many folk will have used that desk with Cubase Elements. With a desk of that power they’d probably have been using Cubase Pro. Nevertheless if it works with Pro it will should work with Elements too.

Yes, 24 inputs and outputs will be your maximum for live recording assuming the interface on the desk has that option (As far as I can see the digital outputs are an option not a standard). Whilst testing the number of inputs you can record on your system with another desk would show whether your system is up to the job in theory, I’d strongly advise getting the SI connected to your system to be sure it all works. I assume you have checked that it has all the required interface ptions and you have the drivers/software required?

NB: The X32 will almost certainly work as it has an inbuilt USB interface.

Good luck.

Okay - thanks for your response!
The desk I’ll be using for the event will have a Madi and a Multi Digital Card in it, so I could easily get 64x64 I/O of USB from the console. So that shouldn’t be a problem - I’ve checked a lot of things with the Offline Editor already.
It’s going to be more of an acoustic thing and I’ll only have about 15-20 inputs so that shouldn’t be a limit either then.
So the big question, if my laptop is up to the job will have to be answered with the X32. That shouldn’t make any difference performancewise, I guess.

Thanks again!


Yes, the different drivers might have some small affect on recording ability for your computer but not much… also, since I assume you’ll be monitoring from the desk you can afford to set the buffers on the ASIO driver in Cubase as high as possible to help your PC be able to cope with writing all the audio without any crackles or pops.