Sibelius Audio Playback


Being a 62 year old Trumpet player I’m a newbie at this tech stuff, I’m using Sibelius First and CuBase 10.5 LE. My problem is that I can not get the audio to work on the imported MIDI file from Sibelius in CuBase. I can hear the keyboard and recorded tracks in CuBase so the audio seems to be functioning. In Sibelius I can hear the saved file.

Any ideas would be very much appreciated.

Kind regards


Hi and welcome,

When you import the MIDI file, you can get 3 different results (depending of the Preferences). So what is your settings in the Preferences > MIDI > MIDI File > Import Options > Destination, please?

If there is HALion Sonic SE multi-timbral set (what is the default settings), you should get a MIDI tracks, all routed to one Instrument (Rack) HALion Sonic SE. Make sure the patches (sounds) are loaded here. Can you see incoming activity in HALion Sonic SE? Can you see output meter on HALion Sonic SEs’ Audio Return Channel? Can you see meters on the Stereo Out bus? What Asio Driver do you use? How is your Audio Connections > Outputs settings, please?

Hi Martin,

Thanks for the prompt response,
1- Destination is midi tracks, there are no choices.
2. As I can hear the Akai LPK 25 mini keyboard play and hear recordings playback I’m assuming the audio is working.
3. I’m seeing Midi and Voice in the Input Instrument section. I can see activity on the monitor. Also there are tracks/notation in the editor.
4. I’m using the driver with this HP Envy Laptop.

To get the midi from Sibelius in I imported and created a new file as CuBase indicated, I did not set an instrument up, do I need to do this.

Another question if I may, is it possible to import a score from Sibelius and use the Instruments in the BBC Spitfire SO Discover to play back a fuller sound or does the import just play on the default instrument, if that is the case am I better to do the notation in CuBase. Being a Trumpet player I’m not used to working in the piano roll, hence I’m trying to make Sibelius work.

KInd regards.



How does the settings in the mentioned preferences look like, please?

You should use any virtual instrument to get the sound.

Where is the output of the tracks you are using for AKAI LPK 25 (what is MIDI Keyboard only, not an instrument) routed to, please?


I’m brand new to all this having only ever played a Trumpet, but I’m going to keep trying.

Is there anyway we can exchange screen shots as I could be going down the wrong path?

The MIDI-FILE, Import Options Destination is set to MIDI Tracks that is the only choice.

I can get sound but NOT from the imported file from Sibelius. There is data there as I can see it on the monitors.

Where do I look to check the routing, though this part seems to be working.

Many thanks for the help so far.