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Hello. Long time Sibelius user and am thinking about switching to Dorico.

Yes I know they are different animals but want to make sure certain capabilities are available in Dorico instead of having to rely on plug-ins.

Simple things like change sharps to flats, flats to sharps, “proper” removal of key change cautions (instead of having to move and hide things).

These are simple issues but little things like this if missing is indicative that other, larger things may be missing.

Thanks in Advance

Welcome to the forum, Carl.

Respelling up and down is actually two different keyboard shortcuts, but you can also set commands for filtering all sharp notes or all flat notes. Filter all sharp notes then respell them to the note name above (thus turning e.g. all G#s into Abs) or filter all flat notes then respell them to the note name below (e.g. turning all Dbs into C#s).

Cautionary key and time signatures work in a somewhat different way, in that Sibelius lacks Flows, which are Dorico’s containers for music. Flows are typically used for separating related or unrelated chunks of music: whether you’re dealing with movements in a symphony, hymns in a hymnal, technical exercises or whatever else, each song/hymn/movement/exercise is best handled as a separate Flow. Given the end of one flow is unrelated to the beginning of the next flow, cautionaries don’t appear at the end of flows. If there are situations where you need to change key or time signature, midflow, without showing cautionaries, there’s an easy workaround for that involving hidden Codas.

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Wow thanks for the quick response PianoLeo!!
Actually you mentioned one of the biggest pains in that trying to write out various technical exercises and have them appear SEPARATE!!! I like the flow idea, before retiring I did information management for feds and workflows/flows are the standard way of doing things.
Many thanks.
CW :slightly_smiling_face:

Notice that there is a time-limited trial version of the software that one can download. I recommend downloading the Pro version, since one can then test out Elements and SE by holding down the OPT/ALT key or the CTRL/CMD key while booting up.

Thanks Derrek, although I’m already having issues as was the case with Sibelius and that is navigating back to this thread. If I didn’t have the link in the email I feel I’d be SOL.

That being said, yes I’m new to this so what is Elements?? I don’t see any app called Elements.

And that brings up another question, do instrument samples come with Doric Pro as they do with Sibelius or is that another “add-on”?

Dorico comes in three flavours: SE, Elements and Pro. See the differences here:

All three come with a sound library, and again there are differences - the version that comes with Dorico Pro has more sounds than the versions that come with SE and Elements.

Thanks again PianoLeo, I see it now. Don’t mean to come across as a noob, trust me I am not, however, one gets used to information being presented in an intuitive manner.

Although this topic and answers you guys have provided REALLY help, I do see a lot of areas that of information presentation that should be spruced up.



Thanks again.

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