Side-by-Side Install of Cubase Pro and Artist

For a teaching situation I need to install both Cubase Pro 8.5 and Artist 8.5 on the same system. Cubase Pro was already installed and activated on the system. After running the installer for Cubase Artist 8.5, which is also activated on the eLicenser key, I never see an application icon in the Mac application folder. It looks like the installer simply just copies over the Cubase Pro 8.5 install.

I’m sure I am missing something. Anyone have some advice to create a successful install and ability to have both version installed on the same system?


As far as I know, it works as follows…
Cubase Pro and Cubase Artist are in fact the same application, but if the eLicenser sees a valid license for Cubase Pro, then it is Cubase Pro that will launch, in priority over Cubase Artist. To get Cubase Artist to open, you’d have to transfer your Cubase Artist license to a different eLicenser USB key, then remove the other USB key that contains the license for Cubase Pro. In other words, you wouldn’t be able to get them to show simultaneously anyways, unfortunately. (On the other hand, Cubase Pro/Cubase Artist are different applications from Cubase Elements, so you can get one of them to launch at the same time as Cubase Elements)

Yeah, pretty much what I am seeing. Each version (Pro and Artist) have their own key with their own licenses on them. Even copying app files into different folders won’t make a difference. Whatever version was last loaded will load again, no matter out of which folder they were started.

Curious as to whether there is a way at startup to select which version to have loaded, similar to starting up in safe mode.