Side by Side notes or overlap

I’m slowly moving from Reason to Cubase and I’m having issues finding some functionality I’m used to. I have looked around and couldn’t find an answer to this.

In Reason, there’s a “note length” menu which allows you to automatically take a bunch of midi notes and have them a specific length or be exactly side by side or program a specific overlap of the notes. I can’t find this in Cubase. Does it exist?

I find this to be very useful for vst with legato triggers when notes overlap (or not) and doing it note by note would be quite the shore.


Hi and welcome to the forum,

Open the Quantize or the Length Tab in the Inspector of the Key Editor, please. You will find all of these there.

If you want to set an exact value for all selected MIDI Notes, you can type the value in the Info Line and hold down Ctrl/Cmd when pressing Enter. This will apply the exact value (otherwise the values are relative).

Thank for your answer, however, I believe this will either allow me to put all the notes the same length and not make sure they don’t overlap or do overlap of a certain length. Am I wrong? Maybe I don’t understand how it works?
Thank you.

In Cubase this is divided up between Quantize and Legato functions

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Ok. Now, I’m sorry for asking so many questions, but… How would someone go about doing what I’m seeking then?
I want to take all the notes on a track, which are of different lengths and might or not overlap and I want each notes to stop when the next starts, so, to be “side by side”. Is it possible automatically or do I have to do it note by note?

Ask as many questions a you like. But those who do some basic research will be favored.

For example, the manuals are informative. Since you did not indicate which product version or derivative, AI, LE, Artist Pro etc, I can’t point you to an exact entry.

So go to, and in the manual for you product search for Legato and for Quantize. Lots of good reading, correct information from the authoritative source.
Also, Pease have a look at the Forum Guide

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Thank you very much!
I had looked for terms I knew from Reason. Like “side by side”, and “overlap” or “note length” and couldn’t find it. That’s why I came here. With your input I found what I was looking for! Thanks a lot!
Have a great day!


have a look at terms like “Overlap” too.

Another great place to learn about Cubase functions is the Key Command dialog! You can just browse the categories in the list, tons of things to discover.