Side-Chain mulitple tracks from single source Dolby Atmos Mixing

Not finding this easily so thought a post may get me there quicker.

This is using a single side-chain source to trigger same compressor over multiple objects in a dolby atmos mix.

Here is my workflow in Pro Tools, I am hoping to create similar in Nuendo:
-Create a mono downmix of the whole song to use as the side chain source or key in PT

  • Run the output of the mono side chain source as a BUS labeled MASTER SC
  • In Plugin such as Pro Q3 or a compressor etc. I add the key insert of MASTER SC in the plugin window.
  • Duplicate this plugin across all objects, group together controls
  • What I have is theoretically a “Dolby Atmos Master Bussing” setup where a single mono track of the whole mix is triggering compressors strewn across all objects so the compression level is activated by a single source.

I am trying to achieve something similar in Nuendo but cannot find a way to do it as it does not appear to achieve the same. Can I use a single track as the trigger for multiple side chain plugins?


This could help:

HoRNet SAMP virtual master bus for Dolby Atmos - HoRNet Plugins