Side chain not working in Cubase 10 pro


when I sidechain the signal from the other track or group, it doesn’t work.
Send is turned ON.
I can see the signal coming in the new window “Add sidechain input”, but then nothing comes to the compressor.
I tried various combinations of tracks in different projects. Nothing.

screen with comments:

Thanks for any advice!


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I had a problem yesterday where I activated the side-chain input within the Trackspace plugin, but I wasn’t able to select it as a destination within the send dropdown on my kick channel. I unchecked the side-chain input inside the plugin, removed the Trackspacer plugin, and closed/reopened the session. After that it worked as intended.


It is a bug, that occurs when you open a project created in Cubase 9.5 in Cubase 10.
How to solve the issue: Backup the project, delete all previous side-chains, create new ones and… voila, it’s working!

PS: Thank you STEINBERG OFFICIAL SUPPORT for completly ignoring my emails.

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I had this too… Deleted the tracks with side chain, create a new track, side chain new track, undo delete tracks and it worked again (official “support” took about a month to answer my email)

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Does anyone know if this issue is resolved in 10.5?

I have this issue in my version 10 and am getting quite frustrated by it to be honest, I do a lot of side chaining and every project I am using is affected.

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Same here… the sidechain function seems unpredictable at the moment…

It almost feels like I’m hitting some kind of limit with number of sidechain sends, and once it breaks, I can’t get it to work again for that project. I had the kick triggering three sidechain sends, works fine. I added a fourth, all sidechaining stopped working.

Even after removing ALL sidechaining, starting over, and using the built in Cubase comp, I get no input signal on the sidechain input??? I can’t find any limitations to side-chain channels, anywhere in the cubase documentation. So I’m left scratching my head… am I the only one experiencing this issue?

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And before you ask… yes the correct channel is selected as the SC trigger input, it is “powered on” and it is turned up to 0 dB.

Hmmmm yeah, i have the same problem too it seems. Just went to sidechain my AllVox bus and no sidechains are visible, yet all other channels and busses seem to see the sidechain?

Not sure what’s going on here… Will report back if i find an easy solution…

its a shame there this bug is not yet sorted in 10 this is just forcing people to buy upgrades for silly bugs

Steinberg is shameless they never reply when asked for a solution they just want us to keep buying their products anyways
there will be a workaround for this so till then MIDDLE finger to Steinberg !!

don’t upgrade to new 10.5 they also seem buggy.

I’m working in Nuendo 10.3 and I am having constant problems with sidechain and it is REALLY pissing me off. WTF am I meant to do, setting up my routing and bang, you’re screwed…This is a basic requirement. If anyone finds a proper solution without the need to sacrifice a chicken I would welcome hearing from you.

Support with Steinberg is an utter joke, don’t even bother with them any more which I guess is how they want it to be but often that strategy does not work. I did get some help with a VR issues after complaining bitterly. There are some people who know what they are doing.

having same issue. Still in 11.0.30 sidechains stop working properly after a few have been added. Why is this still not fixed Steinberg!??

I have had this issue since Cubase 5. I am currently on 8.5 and I just got here because I ran in to the issue again. I wouldn’t get my hopes up about this being fixed. The way I’ve gotten around this all these years is pure luck. I just return another day and it works for no reason. The only thing I can think of is that there is some sort of routing issue. I have tried all manners of rearranging with no luck ever. The only thing that seems to repeat is that it happens more often when applying sidechains to group tracks (speculative) and that it seems to break all sidechains that you want to add after the point it happens. Only thing left to do is wait and pray, or use a workaround like automating volume. The issue is if you’re looking to use really short release times, you are sort of screwed or you have A GIANT task ahead of you. If automating by hand is an option for you, look for command similar to “automation follows events” in the hotkey configuration. Helps a lot. When you have it activated, the automation of any particular audio event will be copied alongside the audio when duplicated.