Side chain

I really liek the addition of the drop down on the side chain button where, seemingly, you are able to add an input without actually going through the steps of enabling side chain, going to another channel and selecting via send BUT

it is not working. I did it on an instance of Pro-Q2 on a pad channel, sending a guitar channel to it, and it said it was but in fact it had added a send to the high hat channel instead. Anyone else have issues with this? or am I misunderstanding how it works??

By me it works as it should. Check again if you are doing everything right.

Just did with same result. I will try it with a new project in case it was an issue loading a 9.5 one

Works fine here

I have exactly the same problem. I don’t know if it’s because I loaded a 9.5 project though… Very strange and “messy”…

Same here.
Given that side-chaining seems to work fine in a newly created dummy project in C10, it seems to be an issue with C9.5-Projects (again), even if they’ve been modified and saved in C10. Very annoying.

I have the same problem and it is also a project created in 9.5