Side chaining: Send vs. ouput routing

When side chaining, what’s the difference between using a send to link to a side chain vs. routing a track’s output to a side chain? In the Cubase manual, it says to use a send to have the kick drum’s signal trigger the bass guitar’s compressor for a pumping effect. But for ducking delay, it says to use output routing.

Does it matter which method is used? They seem to me like they would achieve the same thing.

If you route a track´s output to a sidechain, that signal is no longer on the Master out, since you just switched the ouput. You could now of course duplicate that track and route one tracks output back on the master, or you can simply use one track and use a send to the sidechain and output routing to your master out. Which has the additional advantage, that the send can be used pre- or post fader…

Ah! It seems so obvious now. Thanks for the clarification.