Sidechain comp suddenly refusing to work

Hi, I wonder if anyone has the same problem (hopefully a solution!).

I LOVE the sidechain compressor in cubase, it’s incredibly easy to use and doesn’t seem to colour the sound like others. I’ve had brief problems in the past where the routing from the trigger channel won’t cause the compressor to ‘duck’. Currently engineering for some people and whadaya know, the compressor has chosen this moment to suddenly refuse to route. No matter what I try, I can no longer get sidechain function to work on the compressor.

I really don’t want to go back to using a shitty 3rd party compressor… does anyone know how to fix this? Proper at the end of my tether and badly wanting to just smash up the system I’m so frustrated!

Don’t worry I love my pc too much to smash it :smiley:

Have you tried a restart?

I have had this happen as well but I have no solution really, I just deleted and added the compressor a few times until it started working again.