Sidechain in Cubase 9 with 3rd party NI plugin - how to?

So far i have used only Cubase’s own effect plugins for effects (mainly sidechaining).
Works without problems.

Now I wanted to try a third party compressor: namely the Solid Dynamics compressor which comes with NI Komplete and also has a sidechain option.

Unfortunately it does not work although I do everything exactly like I do when I use sidechaining with the Cubase compressor
What am I missing?

I load the compressor as an audio insert effect into an instrument track (e.g. a pad sound)
I note that there is no sidechain button visible on the Cubase plugin interface header. However, this might be normal, as the SD plugin itself has an activation button.
But even when I activate it (it’s called SC Gain) the pad does not show up under Output when I open the Sends dropdown of the trigger instrument (e.g. kick)

Does anyone have an idea how it works?

Only plugs with the button in the toolbar will work. It’s specifically VST3 sidechain.

The sidechain activation inside of the plug can work with other hosts but not Cubase I’m afraid. (At least not without using Quadro channel workaround that you can google but is a faff)

thanks for the quick reply. Bummer.
Would you know whether it works with the Fabfilter plugins - as I was thinking about buying the bundle coming Black Friday sale

Fabfilter are VST 3 - so yes.

I agree. But you can still do it. It’s convoluted so determine how badly you want the NI vs. something like ProQ2. Once you save things, it can be easier next time.

Good luck! It isn’t really that bad, but a VST3 is totally foolproof.