sidechain in cubase elements 8?

im trying to sidechain in cubase elements 8 but on the normal compressor the button that should be there for sidechain isnt and on the tube compressor there is a sidechain button but when i go into sends to try and setup the sidechain, nothing shows up except stereo out and left& right.

thanks for any help given.
Screen Shot 2015-12-12 at 21.51.20.jpg
Screen Shot 2015-12-12 at 21.47.25.png

No sidechain in the elements version.
The tube compressor has an internal filter-sidechain.

free sidechain compressor for cubase elements:

The VST plugin SideKick (about $30 from BeatRig) does a fantastic job of sidechaining in Cubase Elements 8. Surprisingly easy to use.

Create two tracks, a kick drum and say a synth. Add Sidekick as an insert on both your Drums (trigger) and your Synth. For the trigger track, leave the power of the vst plugin off but notice the bus number it shows. Note that this power button is part of the vst itself and is not the power button to disable that vst.

On the copy of Sidekick that is on your Synth or Strings simply click the number on the left side that corresponds to the number that was shown in the trigger copy. See screenshot here:

So the trigger is configured on the right side, the actual audio (sorry term escapes me) is on the left in my screenshot, in this case strings. When the kickdrum hits the strings duck based on the compressor settings on the left.