sidechain lowcut filter

hi,i am following a cm magazine tutorial.
in it the guy is using the internal sidechain lowcut filter at 70Hz to prevent the subbass triggering the compression too much,
he has this on the mixbuss in presonus studioone
it is the stock compressor in studioone.
cm mag 239.
im wondering how do i do this in cubase 9.5

This isn’t a standard feature of the basic compressor… with some complex routing and bussing you could achieve similar but far from practical. Cubase Tube Compressor does have this kind of SC feature. Select SC, Select HP and turn the frequency to the value you wish the compressor to ignore, below it, respond to, above it.

I haven’t seen the article or studio one, my reply is based on “to prevent the subbass triggering the compression too much”

ok thanks ill have a look at that

hi again,only gettin round to this now.
the tube compressor in cubase does not have ratio or threshold,or release or attack

Here’s a video, by Chris Selim - Mixdown Online, that demonstrates something similar to what I think you’re asking about. In this video, a tone generator and compressor are used to generate low-end thump locked to a kick drum. Rather than using the Tone Generator you may be able to use this or similar routing to side-chain a low-cut filter. I’ve not tried that, but it may produce the sound you’re looking for.

The KICK SUB-BASS generator TRICK in Cubase 9.5

Also, you may want to look at the Nova Dynamic EQ from Tokyo Dawn Labs.

It does have release and attack.