Sidechain not avaliable?

I using sidechains but I cant figure this out. I have a synth sound held on one long note, and Im trying to gate side chain it with a kick, so it only comes in when the kick hits. However, there is no send option from the kick to the gate sidechain.

The sidechain button on the gate insert is pressed, and I dont have the option to send to it from any other track,
Also even if I switch it to a compressor and hit the side chain button, i still dont have the option to send to that sidechain.
Also, I have another sidechain on a different track which I can send to and triggers perfectly. It’s just this synth track that isnt avaliable.

Does anyone know why this is? or have a solution?

Too much info missing to even hazzard a guess. :confused:

Possible workaround: route the synth to a group & gate the group.

Are you trying to do this with VST3 or VST2 plugins?

Completely different beasts.

In VST3 insert the gate on the synth channel and activate the sidechain button. Go to you kick audio out channel and you will see the plugin and channel in the send drop down menu. Select it and adjust your send level and whether you want the send pre or post.

Go back to the gate and adjust accordingly.


I was using the stock compression plug in that comes with cubase. However I did just re route it to a group and now i can trigger it with the kick. ~Thanks