Sidechain not happening

Hi all. I use Cubase 13 pro. I can’t get sidechaining to work. I follow what all the tutorials show. They’re all basically the same idea. Anyway I go to inserts. Select compressor. Copy their tutorial settings as I go. When they press play on the video you instantly see the kick triggering the white ‘hammer’ pushing down with the kick. When I press play from my kick there’s no effect whatsoever. I’d try another sidechain plugin if I had one. It’s probably something basic but I can’t see it. Might you have an idea?

Oops. I seem to have solved it. Whenever impost re a problem I’ve literally spent hours trying to fruitlessly solve - in desperation I post here. Having done that almost immediately something happens and the problem solves itself. Not always sure I know why. But there you go. Apologies.

Once I openly declared here that suddenly it for no reason it started working it just as suddenly stopped working again. It’s now back working again after deleting the insert and reapplying it. It’s quite messy to use. So I’m going to remove it and buy Kickstart 2 and see if I’ve any better luck. Even when it is working there’s little control over the ducking shape.